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 A day of フットサル

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A day of フットサル Empty
PostSubject: A day of フットサル   A day of フットサル EmptyMon Apr 26, 2010 6:39 am

For the 新入生 there was a フットサル tournament/event, often teams formed by a certain club, so I was there with the Exploration club. Leave around 9 by bus to a place way up in the mountains with an amazing view along the way, to go to a small town with a ground available for the event, right next to a baseball field. And of course, since it's Japan, about 15 minutes before the games start, you do the radio exercises!

フットサルって何?!Well, it's like soccer, but thank god it's not. This is a fun-concentrated game, in contrast to injury, aggression, bullshit rules and suspicion of unfair gameplay.
So the rules are simply:
1. 5 man team, 3 guys, 2 girls.
2. Guys score = 1 point, girls score = 2 points.
3. Don't try to get someone hurt physically and/or mentally (by foul words for example).
4. No hands, neither does the goalie get to use hands - but that is also because the goalie is not really a goalie but a field player that chooses to protect the goal.
5. Direct shot from the kick off part is not allowed to be on the goal, small pass to someone and then shooting is allowed.
6. Field size is half of a normal football field (I think). Goal size is also twice as small.
7. 5 minutes play, 1 minute rest and again 5 minutes play.
8. When the ball goes out of the field, has to get kicked back in. Corner shot is also in effect. But no time that you play the ball back in by hands.
9. Have fun

So, very simple rules that anyone can easily understand and follow. Since it was a setup of knockout, winners continue to play, losers are finished. We lost right in the first round, both teams - we were the only group that had 2 teams I think. Later on there were matches between the losers and once again we lost. But it was a VERY close game, last second point was against the pole....
It was a very very nice day, we had a clear sky, a slight breeze all the way. It really was a great day, but.... there were only like 4 out of 20+ international students. Counting 3 Dutch: Tim, Said and myself. And 1 that I don't know where she is from. Maybe there were Chinese or Korean among them, but I didn't recognize them at least. Razz But damn it people, it's fun! Just participate, especially if you can participate together with your club, it's very fun.

Ok, with the game out of the way, there was also a lottery. Everyone received 1 free bottled drink with a number - a lottery ticket. At the end of the day they did the lottery, and there were prices like snacks/chips, a teddy bear, a big supply of cup noodles, a digital camera, foldable bicycle and a PSP among a lot of other prices. They actually put good money in the prices there, especially compared to those cheap Dutch bastards.

Though a day like that is a lot of fun, as long as you have a clear sky and no rain, one should definitely still have to look out for sun burn. Wink

Ok, 以上!
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A day of フットサル
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